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Notre histoire : OSAKA octobre 90, émeute ouvrière


Un texte en anglais trouvé sur le site Datacide

« Je me rends compte que le train arrive et que la station est en feu. La plate-forme est en feu et en dessous les rues sont vides avec des personnes passant devant occasionnellement. 

Quelque chose se passe. Je ramasse des pierres et commencer à les jeter sur une ligne de policiers. »
émeutier anonyme à Kamagasaki

October 2nd, 1990. The day started as any other does in Osaka’s Nishi-Nari ward, men lined up around the yoseba employment center, in the thousands, waiting for work. If it came, they would load into the cars of construction contractors in groups, with parachute pants and wrapped heads. For eight hours they might wave light wands ‘guiding pedestrians’, dig concrete roads, re-pave highways or variously break their backs in the sun. This proletarian fate was ceded by the city’s bourgeoisie over a period of thirty years of continuous unemployed unrest; all the union officials touted it as labor ‘won’ from an inhuman system. After all, without work, one does not eat, and once conditions have worsened to the point that this phrase becomes dictatorial, one works in a fervor; for work leads to ‘independence’. Work might one day lead out of the slum.
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